The Most Powerful Dental Practice Management Solution

Romexis AssisDent is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use cloud-based dental practice management software available. Created with efficiency in mind, it makes clinical and administrative routines run smoother and provides powerful tools for managing your dental clinic – whether it is a single clinic or a whole chain of them.

It's Cloud-Based

Our advanced cloud service lets you safely access patient and practice management data – whether you’re at your clinic or on the go. In addition, the practical mobile application allows you to consult your appointment scheduling calendar wherever you are. 

Dental status and X-ray images on a single screen

Romexis AssisDent has several tools to make the practitioners' day more efficient and convenient. For example, it is fully integrated with the Planmeca Romexis® imaging software, which enables you to see your patient’s dental status and imaging data at one glance. We offer great integration to several other imaging systems, too. 

Efficient operation of large and small dental businesses

Romexis AssisDent is designed to automate business and clinic management processes. Created in cooperation with large clinic chains, it offers the most efficient business management tools for big organizations with multisite operations. AssisDent's robust task management system makes resource management smooth - so you can do away with the use of post-it notes! User-specific reports let you see the most important statistics and key figures at once, raising the controllability of your business to a new level.

Efficient and automated customer communication

Romexis AssisDent has great tools for customer acquisition and retention with integrated online and mobile communication, appointment scheduling and NPS feedback. We offer great support for front-desk tasks, too. 

What our customers say