Advanced cloud service (SaaS)

No installing, no maintenance, no equipment servicing

These days, more and more applications are used like Romexis AssisDent – as a cloud service. And for a good reason. In a cloud, the application runs as a service on the Internet instead of on your own server. This frees the user from worrying about installations, updates, servers and data security.

Carefree and scalable

Romexis AssisDent is easy to implement, because there is no need for server installations. As a cloud service it is carefree to use, because we handle all the maintenance and updates for you. Furthermore, it is easy to add new users as your dental care business grows.

5 good reasons for using a cloud service

1. Data security – Top-notch servers have their data security level honed to perfection. You can rest assured that your patient information is out of reach of non-authorised people.
2. Available 24/7 anywhere – You can access your data anytime and anywhere. All you need is a computer with Internet connectivity. In addition, our practical mobile application lets you consult your appointment scheduling calendar wherever you are.
3. Sleep with no worries – Your data is secured – on our own virtual servers a malfunction or accident does not become a threat.
4. No server investments, always the latest version – The expensive purchasing, maintenance and updating of servers are history. Thanks to centralised updates, your application is always up to date.
5. Conserve nature and energy – Centralised servers can be loaded and cooled in a more optimised way than your own.