Romexis AssisDent adapts to the daily requirements of clinical work, making your job easier and faster. We have 25 years of experience in developing medical interfaces in close collaboration with dental professionals. The intuitive and visually stunning user interface of Romexis AssisDent enhances daily efficiency with distinct functions and innovative tools, such as voice recognition. Our natural-looking dental status and periodontal charts also provide an illustrative tool for patient communication.

Dental status and imaging data on a single screen – less computer time, more patient time

Romexis AssisDent is fully integrated with the Planmeca Romexis® imaging software. Our unique software combination enables you to view your patient’s imaging data and dental status on a single screen. This is a real time-saver as it lets you concentrate on more productive work than clicking between windows – in other words taking care of your patients. What’s more, having all patient data in one place contributes to patient safety as it reduces the risk of mix-ups and medical errors.
Romexis AssisDent offers support for several other imaging systems as well.

Patient management

• Natural dental and periodontal status views for easy documentation of procedures
• Comprehensive summing-up views show the past, present and planned situation at a glance
• Automated treatment plan
• Alternative cost estimates
• Notifications and warnings
• Electronic preliminary information form
• Automated billing information from status notes
• Clinical data and images in one view

Time management and communication

• Appointment scheduling with product and service integration
• Work time management
• Work queues
• Versatile and secure tools for internal communication such as chat, bulletin boards, messaging, notes, etc.
• Bulletin boards for specific sites and organizations

Smooth, no-compromise user experience

The highly sophisticated features offered by the latest version of Romexis AssisDent do not mean weeks of studying the user manual. Smooth, stylish and easy-to-use, Romexis AssisDent guides the user and does not get into the way of clinical work. The intuitive and visually pleasing user interface enhances daily efficiency with clear functions and innovative tools.

4,500 users

4 million patient cards